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Welcome to Water Promotions – Custom Label Bottled Water

At Water Promotions, we custom label bottled water to fit the exacting needs of the end user. We are all about choices. These are not the same old boring water bottles and graphics you have seen from others.  Water Promotions gives you more bottle options, more bottle tints, more cap colors and more label styles than any other supplier of bottled water in the entire country.

Have a look at our amazing product lineup. The bottles are exciting, the shapes and colors of our bottles and caps set us apart. We have award winning graphic artists to help you create exciting labels. In addition we help you with marketing ideas and exactly what to put on that label to maximize its advertising impact.

Distributor Choice Awards

Latest News –Counsellor Top of The Class for on Time Delivery of Products On time delivery of products is important for your business, and it’s something we take very seriously.  In 2018 we were 99.6% on-time with our deliveries.  This has helped earn us a, PPAI Supplier Star, a 5 star rating from ASI and an A+ rating from SAGE. We are annually listed as top of the class for the on time delivery of products in the entire nation from Counselor Distributor Choice Awards 2008-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18. Furthermore, we achieved a perfect score. Thank you to all our distributors for this recognition! Click on the image below to download a PDF


News Archive

Recently, Water Promotions has been selected as a finalist for Counselor magazine’s Distributor Choice Awards in the Food & Gifts category.

Since forming the company in 2003 we have worked tirelessly to try and ensure that we are fulfilling your needs while making you, our distributors, look great to your end customers, that’s why this kind of feedback is so valuable and appreciated.

Furthermore, Water Promotions recently attended the Promotions East Business and Trade Fair in Atlantic City, New Jersey. At the show, we were interviewed by Amy DeLuca on behalf of

In this video (which you can see if you click here), we give a sneak preview at our exciting new lines available at Water Promotions, as well as a brief overview of the company, and why you should use Water Promotions for all your promotional water design, manufacture and distribution needs.